Cotter Software is a one-person software development and consulting company specializing in Ruby on Rails, Java and C++ applications. I am currently available for contracts. Please contact me for full details.


“Corey is a consummate professional who deals with the rigors and challenges of both remote work and advanced software development with ease. I can't imagine anyone else pulling off the kind of even-keeled and high quality work under pressure that he does. Just a tremendous asset!” – Gabe Zichermann CEO, Chroniql

“Corey is a top-notch developer, who manages to write elegant, reliable code in an efficient manner. He can always be counted on to do things the right way, even under pressure and while working remotely. His deep experience, passion for clean code and knowledge of design patterns make him an asset at all stages of the development process, from high-level architecture and design to optimizing SQL calls. His code is easy to read and always well-tested. He's a team player who can be counted on to get the job the done. I've worked with dozens of developers over the years and Corey's one of the best.” – Chris Cunningham Chief Technology Officer, rmbrME

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